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Transportation to Haifa*

· There are frequent trains running from Ben-Gurion International Airport to Haifa. The ride, passing through Tel Aviv, is approximately 80 minutes and the cost of a single ticket is 41.50 NIS ($10.5). Alight at Hof HaCarmel (The Carmel Beach) station from where all destinations within the city can be reached by bus or taxi (press here to see the city of Haifa map). Taxis are found just outside the station and busses are available at the Hof Hakarmel Central Egged station adjacent to the train station. Bus #131 reaches the hotel area in the Carmel Center. Buses #146 and #46 reach the university campus; a single ticket is 6.90 NIS ($2).

For those of you who plan to land during Friday and Suterday, please note that on Fridays train and bus survises usually stope around 15:30 and resume only on Suterday evening (around 21:30).

· For those preferring other modes of transportation from Ben-Gurion International Airport to Haifa, we highly recommend the Amal taxi, a shared door-to-door shuttle, for the set price of NIS 120 ($31). It operates 24 hours a day and can be easily found to your right as you exit the arrivals terminal.

· Private taxis to Haifa can be found as you exit the arrivals terminal, and will cost about NIS 600 ($155) during the day on weekdays.

* All prices are true for 1.5.2015.

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