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Most hotels are located within 20-30 minutes' drive from the University of Haifa campus. Regular bus and shared taxi service to the campus is available from main destinations within the city such as Merkaz Hakarmel (The Carmel Center). When booking, please ask for the "University of Haifa fare". We cannot guarantee that the prices below are less expensive than some promotions on the internet may offer and therefore advise to search all options first. In each hotel there is an addition of 18% VAT for Israelis. For additional options in Haifa contact: Danny Rosenberg (drosenberg@research.haifa.ac.il)

Dan Carmel
85-87 Hanassi Blvd., Tel: 04-8303020; Fax 04-8387504; http://www.danhotels.com/HaifaHotels/DanCarmelHaifaHotel/index.htm?ref=our_hotels The prices are: Per person, double occupancy: $190; Additional person in room: $45.
Dan Panorama - Haifa
107 Hanassi Blvd., Tel: 04-8352222, Fax 04-8352235; http://www.danhotels.com/HaifaHotels/DanPanoramaHaifaHotel/index.htm The prices are: Per person, double occupancy: $145; Additional person in room: $35.
Haifa Bay View Hotel
101 Hanassi Blvd., Tel: 04-8354311, Fax: 04-8388810; The prices are: Standard room: Floors 1-3 and 5 - $105/night per person; $135/night per couple.

University Dorms*

The university dorms are on campus, less than 10 minutes' walk from the workshop hall that is atop the Eshkol Tower (press here to see the University of Haifa campus map).There is a small pub onsite (open most evenings) and a small grocery store as well (open at 07:30 each morning and closing late in the afternoon). Payment is conducted upon arrival by the guest in the dorm's office. Please let us know in due time if you would like us to reserve a room for you in the dorms. Medical insurance is required and you may be asked to show a document that shows that you have valid medical insurance when you check in.

  • We reserved 40 single rooms in the university 'Talia' dorms. These are single rooms, each including a shower and toilet (upon arrival you get clean sheets and a towel), in 3, 5 or 6 room apartments. Each apartment has a small kitchen with fridge (cost for single in a single room: $26).
  • There are seven guest apartments. Five apartments are suitable for couples (cost for single in a double room: $55 per night; cost for two persons: $60 per night). The two other apartments are two room apartments (cost for single room: $41 per night).

* All prices are true for May 2015.

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