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Welcome to Ground Stone Artifacts and Society

Welcome to the webpage of "Ground Stone & Society" - An international workshop.

"Ground Stone & Society" is the first international meeting of the Association for Ground Stone Research (AGSR) which will be held between July 5–9 at the University of Haifa, Israel. The meeting will bring together researchers interested in promoting interdisciplinary ground stone research in order to discuss the latest research results, new methodologies, and a broad range of topics related to ground stone across time and space.
Ground stone artefacts served in widely divergent physical and social contexts through millennia, reflecting a wide variety of functions, as documented through a century of archaeological and ethnographic research. Although commonly associated with prosaic daily necessities such as food production, this important functional role is often treated as their sole purpose. Ground stone artefacts, however, are also used for a wealth of other purposes such as processing other materials, tool manufacture, and storage; they also carry symbolic meanings, serve as markers of identity, or are imbued with religious or ideological significance.Taken together with other categories of material culture as part of the functional and cultural fabric of a society, contemporary ground stone studies are treated in various ways by different scholars who employ a range of analytical methods and approaches, including the application of scientific techniques. Inspired by these diverse analytical approaches and interpretive challenges, one of the principle aims of this workshop is to promote a dialogue and create an optimal arena for scholars who are interested in ground stone artifact studies and the various issues related to this growing area of research. We would like to initiate discussions on various ground stone related topics in order to debate new methodologies and interpretations, discuss analytical currents, and exchange ideas concerning challenges of data storage and presentation.

We look forward to seeing everyone in Haifa in July, 2015

The organizing committee